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Project Description

Urbnization impacts aquatic ecosystems. Discharge of contaminants from wastewater treatment plant and application of insecticides in agricultural field have most likely been impacting zooplankton populations in aquatic environment. Despite of its importance, our knowledge in zooplankton in response to contaminant exposure and their ecological role in aquatic environment is still limited because morphological classification of zooplankton is a challenging task and requires well-experienced taxonomist for identification. To overcome the difficulties, we propose to apply DNA barcoding approach to indentify and quantify zooplankton species and use it for assessing environmental health.

Useful Links

Here is an example for an entry data in BOLD database. This includes identification, source, photo (optional) and DNA barcode. All the zooplankton data in our internal database will be deposited in BOLD System as well as NCBI database when we publish data in a scientific journal.